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Criminal Appeal Attorneys in Frankfort, Kentucky

Apollo Law, PLLC excels at addressing clients’ cases on appeal. Jason Hart is an experienced criminal appeals attorney and assists clients individually as well as other law firms with their appellate matters. Have you or your client received an unfavorable verdict or final judgment? Have you or your client entered a conditional guilty plea? Have you or your client been revoked on his or her probation? Apollo Law, PLLC can help discuss your merits on appeal and file any and all necessary briefs and motions in the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Kentucky Supreme Court. Jason Hart has received favorable published and non-published opinions out of the Commonwealth’s appellate courts. Filing your notice of appeal and the other required documents must be done typically within 30 days after your case concludes in the form of a final judgment. If such filings are not made timely you may waive your right to appeal.

Past case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in future cases undertaken by Apollo Law, PLLC. For more information see our disclaimer.

Favorable opinions Apollo Law, PLLC’s attorney has briefed:

  1. Adams v. Commonwealth

  2. Brann v. Commonwealth

  3. Collins v. Commonwealth

  4. Fields v. Commonwealth

  5. Hale v. Commonwealth

  6. Killion v. Commonwealth

  7. Lederer v. Commonwealth

  8. Martin v. Commonwealth

  9. McDonald v. Commonwealth

  10. Muchrison v. Commonwealth

  11. Norton v. Commonwealth

  12. Poston v. Commonwealth

  13. Southworth v. Commonwealth

  14. Tapp v. Commonwealth (Mr. Potter’s name is on the opinion only as a placeholder. Mr. Hart wrote and filed all of the appellate briefs in the case in the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Kentucky Supreme Court).

  15. Whitaker v. Commonwealth

  16. Tigue v. Commonwealth (Our attorney was co-counsel in this Capital Murder Trial)

See some of the media coverage for our attorney’s appellate work below:



Murder trial coverage:

Commonwealth v. Robert Taylor An account of our attorney's cross-examination of a key witness.