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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Frankfort, Kentucky

Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The attorneys at Apollo Law, PLLC handle criminal law cases at various stages in the Commonwealth. If you are arrested on criminal charges, one of our attorneys will schedule a bail/bond hearing to try to get your bond reduced. We will also appear for you in court, negotiate with the County Attorney or the Commonwealth Attorney, and represent you at trial, if necessary. Our attorneys can also represent you on appeal of a recent unfavorable conviction or probation revocation. Criminal representation is available for all misdemeanor and felony charges. The firm’s criminal defense attorneys have represented thousands of individuals on every possible class of alleged misdemeanor or felony offense.

Need a Pre-Arrest Lawyer?

In some types of criminal cases, police officers and the prosecutor involved do very little investigation to no investigation prior to bringing criminal charges against you. For example, if a police officer is called to the scene of an assault the person without injuries may be arrested believing that individual was the aggressor. Police officers may only talk to the alleged victim in such cases or only a single witness, which can be very frustrating to the person arrested. In other cases the investigation conducted can be long and ongoing. For example, murder investigations and cases involving crime scene reconstruction or other forensic testings often involve a lengthy investigation. The attorneys at Apollo Law have represented clients prior to any arrest being made, and in certain circumstances, have assisted clients to avoid being arrested or charged with a crime. It is often beneficial for clients to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney when they believe they may be charged with a crime. If you or a loved one is being called by the police to be questioned, is being threatened with criminal charges, or is being served a search warrant our attorneys are here to help. Early entry into cases has saved many of our clients from possibly lengthy jail and prison sentences.

What to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

The first thing you should do is ask those you trust who they would hire if faced with your particular criminal matter. Learn about what type of criminal cases a prospective attorney handles in your county. For example, an attorney may be proficient in courtroom procedure in your court and only have experience with driving under the influence and domestic violence cases and know very little about white-collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlements, etc. Most class A (possible sentence of 20 years to Life) and B (possible sentence of 10 to 20 years) felonies require an even more experienced criminal defense attorney that can devote time, energy, and expertise to your case. If you are not sure why you are being investigated, it is beneficial to have an attorney such as ours that has extensive experience in a range of criminal offenses throughout Kentucky, not just in Franklin and the surrounding counties.