Criminal Defense, Personal injury, & Estate Planning attorney in Frankfort, KY

Jason Apollo Hart

Attorney at Law

Experienced and dependable, I’m passionate about providing fair representation for the people of Kentucky. I realized my love for the law as a teenager, which I attribute to my mother’s support and career as a paralegal. Later, I discovered criminal defense and personal injury best aligned with my core desire of serving the community.

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So I can effectively fight for the best possible result, let me know anything and everything about your case. Only then can I truly create a strategy to fit your unique situation.

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I have a reputation for getting decisions reversed and overturned for my clients. If you’re considering an appeal, let’s discuss your case and evaluate your options.

Practice Areas

The results speak for themselves

Released from probation

Despite the law's clear guidelines on discharging probation, the circuit courts had yet to discharge my client from his. I was able to throw the book at the system and reunite my client with the freedom he had earned.

Reversal and affirmed

Righting the wrongs of unfair trials

My client faced an unfair judgement due to conflict of interest and unlawful release of confidential information. Because I was able to prove the ethical dilemma of the trial, my court reversed its decision.


580-year sentence reversed

One of my clients received a lengthy sentence that exceeded the maximum time allowed. Upon considering other impartial factors of his case, I was able to have the sentence reversed.

Reversal and remand

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Our Community

Frankfort is one of the most diverse cities in Kentucky. People of various ages, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and upbringings all call this place home. One thing we have in common is that we’re aiming to make the most of our lives. It’s a pleasure for me to be involved in our community and help others achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Sunshine Center Logo

The Sunshine Center supports victims of domestic violence.

–Volunteer & Current Treasurer

Kentucky Young Democrats Logo

KYD helps students & young professionals become active in the political process.

–Current President of Local Chapter

Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce Logo

This organization works with local businesses to help them thrive.

–Voting member

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case type, I'm here to help

I love Frankfort because my neighbors are good people from all walks of life. Helping them through their legal concerns is the least I can do.

My desire is to help as many people as I can. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, or what type of legal issue you’re up against. I don’t shy away from the tough cases because I’m confident in my skills of delivering a favorable outcome. If I can get the job done, I will get the job done for you.

I’ve fought cases in all types of courts. From district and circuit to juvenile, family, child support, and Commonwealth’s appellate courts, I know how to get the results you need. In my experience, I’ve briefed cases that have produced positive outcomes for my clients. I’m a tireless defender and I’m certain I can help you, too.

So regardless of where your case falls on the legal spectrum — be it a serious drug charge you're facing or an everyday civil dispute — please don't hesitate to contact me. My legal knowledge and experience are here for your benefit.

Communities I Serve

My doors are open to all in need of legal guidance throughout Franklin County.

Kentucky Map

Frankfort, KY

Nestled between Louisville and Lexington, Frankfort is known for its bourbon, horses, and wine. I proudly give my best legal southern hospitality to the people of this fine city.

Kentucky State University

College life is an amazing experience, but campus crimes (such as DUI, drug possession, and assault accusations) do happen. If you’re a victim or just need help staying out of trouble, give me a call.

Lexington, KY

The second largest city in the state, Lexington has a reputation for being the horse capital of the world. It’s an honor to be an advocate for those who live here.

ACLU Of Kentucky

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky is on a mission to preserve the basic freedoms we all have. I gladly support this organization and consider myself an ally of their work.