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Why Does Apollo Law Sponsor Capital Pride?

Jason Apollo Hart, Attorney At Law Sept. 17, 2018

Why Sponsor Capital Pride?

Why is it important for companies to publically support the LGBTQ community? Why should companies partake in Pride festivities? I can't speak for other businesses. I can only speak for myself and for Apollo Law, PLLC. For my law firm, Capital Pride is a yearly opportunity to celebrate the best of Frankfort. Specifically, our love and support for our local community.

In August of 2013, Frankfort Kentucky's capital became the fifth city in the state to adopt an ordinance prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations based on sexual orientation. With the 3-2 passage of the ordinance by its city commission, Frankfort joined Lexington, Louisville, Covington, and Vicco in Perry County as cities with similar ordinances.

Under the ordinance, complaints of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity would go to the mayor or a designated fairness officer, who would work to resolve the dispute.

If that is unsuccessful, the person alleging discrimination could file a formal complaint with the seven-member Frankfort Human Rights Commission, which was created by the ordinance.

Mayor Bill May and commissioners Katie Flynn Hedden and Tommy Haynes voted for the ordinance. Commissioners Robert Roach and Lynn Bowers opposed it.

As a member of the Frankfort Community, but more so as a decent human being, I believe that ALL city commissioners should have supported the fairness ordinance passed in August of 2013. To this end, Apollo Law sponsors Capital Pride for the second year in 2018. Apollo Law, additionally is treasurer and supporter of Eric E. Whisman's campaign for City Commisioner. Apollo Law supports other candidates whom support the fairness ordinance in Frankfort and Capital Pride.

What Pride Means to Me?

My family is diverse. My stepmother is black and I have three elder black step-brothers. I have an older white half-brother, a white younger half-sister, and a twin brother. I was raised during my formative years by a gay man. I am proud of my family's diversity. I am the man I am today because of my family.

I have seen predjudice, not directed at myself as a heterosexual white male, but at my family in general. When my family moved to West Union, Ohio I can vividly remember our neighbors breaking the windows in our cars because my family was different. I remember the local police pulling over my brother's car when they were driving but not so much as being stopped when I was driving. And I am certain, because of my priviledge, that I missed so much more that my family had to endure.

I have been fortunate and blessed to have a loving family and wonderful friends. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate education I was fortunate in having friends from all walks of life: gay, straight, or otherwise. Most of these friends still tolerate my nerdy, and at times, socially awkward self to this day.

In law school, I joined and was an active member of Outlaw, the LGBTQ law group at my school. Listening to my friends tell their coming out stories in law school and celebrating afterwards was inspiring and touching. Since law school, other family members and friends have come out to me and those that they cared about. I believe that we are our best selves when we are honest with the people that we care about.

I have attended Lexington Pride with my friends and family for nearly five years now. I am thrilled to be able to take my family to Capital Pride for a second year in Frankfort. My daughter Claire, whom just turned five, really enjoyed herself last year at the Apollo Law booth at Capital Pride. My mother, wife, and friends were all at Capital Pride last year and had an amazing time.

To me, simply put, Pride is celebrating love with my family, friends and community.

What I Am Excited About At This Year's Capital Pride?

Capital Pride is growing and improving every year. I really look forward to Capital Pride being a staple of Frankfort's annual community events. Every local business should sponsor and participate. Frankfort is the Commonwealth's Capitol and our Pride Festival is perhaps that much more meaningful because of our location and rich history.

On October 13, 2018 from 11AM to 5PM the Old State Capital lawn will be filled with entertaing events, amazing local venders and organizations. Capital Pride is a free family-friendly LGBTQ+ Pride festival that will feature drag shows and other entertainment. There will also be children's entertainment, Pride merchandise, a vendor fair and food trucks. I look forward to seeing you at Capital Pride this year!