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Western Hills High School Dungeons and Dragons Club

Jason Apollo Hart, Attorney At Law March 4, 2019

I was recently asked to assist, by my sister whom is an English teacher, with the creation of a Dungeons and Dragons Club at Western Hills High School in Frankfort Kentucky. My twin brother, a gamer of long ago, has also volunteered to help out and chip in for start up supplies. We are all more than eager to share our long time hobby with the next generation and help in this endeavor. So, I paid for the back ground check at the school and eagerly bgean making plans to assist with the club.

A D&D club at schools brings more than simply the fun of adventure. Playing Dungeons and Dragons can help students with problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, public speaking skills, and even math skills. If those benefits weren’t enough, a D&D club can also be a great outlet for students who are shy, socially awkward, or have difficulty making friends. It is also perfect for those that are outgoing and want to spend even more time with their school friends. Plus any time students use their imaginations is a good time. It is a very fun hobby that has become more renown of late with very popular web broad casts like Critical Roll.

Until I did some research, I didn't know that we had some local celebraties that played Dungeons and Dragons. Notably, Hal Sparks, an actor and commedian, from Peaks Mill, Kentucky whom used to play D&D at the Sawyer Library. He and some other celebrities play a game of D&D on a web show called Starter Kit.

As someone whom is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of children in the community I believe that a D&D club is an excellent idea. I practice a lot of criminal law at my firm, including juvenile law, and I can't help but think that I would have less juvenile clients in court if they had more things to do in Frankfort. More adults cheering them on and supporting their interests.

I was amazed at the turn out for our initial meeting. Twenty four students showed up! That is about four seperate games that can be run with student Game Masters or Dungeon Masters. The club is in its early stages and my law firm is just now preparing for this weeks meeting on world creation, world selection, and character building.

The plan is of course to have fun with the club. Maybe make a Youtube Account and stream the games for fun, posterity, and game play review. My law firm is willing to provide numerous webcameras for this project. Businesses should consider sponsering the club and getting the advertisement or logos on the sessions. Additionally, sponsoring t-shirt for the club would be a great idea. The more money the club has to go towards maps, dice, minis, and terrain for the games the better the games will be. Contact us at Apollo Law and we will put you in contact with someone to discuss your donation or sponsorship.

An awards ceremony for the students at the end of the year is also a possibility. An event where we can celebrate the great moments of their D&D games and highlight the best role-players, writers, and artists. Keep an eye out for the events and status of this club. I look forward to assisting with this excellent community project with the awesome students at Western Hills.