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Picking Your Attorney

Jason Apollo Hart, Attorney At Law Aug. 13, 2018

Hiring a lawyer is something most of us rarely do, if ever. Everyone should hire an attorney for their basic estate planning and in consulation for various matters that life throws our way. The process can be confusing. If you are lucky you have friends or family who can recommend someone to you. But if no one can give you a recommendation, is there something to do other than picking a name out of the phone book?

When choosing a lawyer, here are a couple of recommendations.

  1. Experience. Choose someone who has experience in the area you are looking for. The law can be complicated and there are rules and norms that govern how law is practiced. If you are facing a serious problem, you don’t want a lawyer who is fresh out of school helping you. Apollo Law is fortunate to have an attorney with eight years of experience at all levels of the criminal justice system in Kentucky, anywhere from speeding tickets to capital trails.

  2. Comfort. You will be hiring a lawyer for some of the best and worst times of your life. You want an attorney you feel comfortable talking with. If you can’t honestly share what is going on, it makes it much more difficult for your attorney to help you. Having a caring and empathetic ear can ease your concerns and show you that there is hope for the future. Our attorney cares deeply for his clients, and will go out of his way to ensure they are taken care of.

  3. Availability. Does your attorney make time for you? Does your attorney show that you and your case and your concerns are a priority? Here at Apollo Law we want you to know that your problems are our problems and we take them seriously. Our attorney will ensure that you get the time needed to take care of your problems to your satisfaction.

  4. Cost. Don’t just go for the cheapest lawyer you can find. And while online legal services may do in a pinch, they will never replace the true expertise of a lawyer well-versed in the law. And trying to penny-pinch on per hour costs doesn’t help if your attorney takes twice as long to resolve an issue that could take a more experienced attorney less time – and less money! Don’t be afraid to ask for a flat fee when possible, which can reduce your total costs. At Apollo Law, we are up front and honest with our pricing, so you will never be taken off guard by an unexpected bill.

Hiring a lawyer can be one of the most important decisions you make. Take the time to explore your options and ask friends and family for recommendations. Remember, our attorney at Apollo Law is always here to help you with life’s challenges.