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DUI Classes: What You Need to Know

Jason Hart May 3, 2021

Have you been charged and convicted for drunk driving? If so, you could be looking at anywhere between three to eighteen months of DUI classes. In many states across the country, judges require DUI offenders to undergo DUI education -- either through face-to-face sessions or a DUI class online.

Those who are arrested for drunk driving, especially first-time DUI offenders, are often given less harsh punishments on the condition that they attend a drug and alcohol treatment program. The court does not want to see repeat offenders; so, instead of putting people in jail, they are offered an opportunity to learn how to better handle their drug and alcohol use.

How Long Does DUI School Take?

The length and number of in-person or classes that you have to take can vary depending on the nature and extent of your crimes. Repeat offenders and people with high BAC levels usually have to take longer courses than others.

In some cases, the court may ask you to go through a DUI assessment to evaluate the severity of your drug/alcohol problem and then determine the number of classes you need based on the results.

What to Expect from DUI Education Classes

The goal of DUI education is to make people understand the dangers of DUI and help them come to terms with their substance or alcohol abuse problem, so they can have it under control.

Some of the things that you are likely to learn from DUI school includes:

  • How to make better decisions

  • How to drink responsibly

  • How to identify the triggers behind alcohol or drug use

  • Evaluating your social circle

  • The serious repercussions of future DUI offenses

Most of the time, people attend DUI school to comply with the penalties of their DUI conviction and get their driver’s license reinstated. However, you may also voluntarily enroll yourself to a DUI education program for your personal benefits.

In-Person DUI Classes vs Online DUI Classes

If your schedule or circumstances make it hard for you to attend a face-to-face DUI class, you may choose to take the classes online. With the way things are right now, the latter seems to be the more viable choice.

The infographic below can help you decide whether an in-person or an online DUI class suits you better.