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A serious accident can be devastating. You may face mounting medical bills, a lost job, lost property. You may have even lost someone dear to you because of the accident. Let us fight for your rights while you focus on healing and getting your life back in order. We are here to stand with you and fight for any compensation you may deserve. We can’t replace what was lost, but we can fight for what you legally deserve.

If you or a loved one were injured due to negligence, an accident, or carelessness on the part of a person or organization, you need legal help. Call us today for a free consultation to determine if you have a case. Call (502) 395-3665 for a free, no obligation consultation. No fees, costs or expenses are collected unless our client recovers.

Is a Lawsuit Necessary?

There is often a feeling of guilt or remorse when deciding to take legal action after an accident. Remember that you are not looking for a handout, you’re only looking to get back what was taken away from you by someone else’s negligence. A lawsuit is not always necessary. Often insurance companies will work with us to help you obtain a reasonable settlement that covers most of your medical costs and needs. However, you need legal representation for the insurance company to take you seriously. Sometimes the insurance companies won’t offer a reasonable settlement, they may shift the blame or try to minimize your loss.

We fight for you to get a verdict or settlement to pay for your:

  • medical costs
  • lost property
  • lost wages
  • disability costs
  • pain and suffering

Time is Essential, Act Now and Call For Help

The insurance company is already preparing a legal case to defend their client and minimize their loss. Their attorneys will already be working against you, and they have a head start. This is why it is critical to act now and call Apollo Law, PLLC now at (502) 395-3665 for a free, no obligation consultation.