Jason Apollo Hart

Apollo Law, PLLC is a law office located in downtown Frankfort, Kentucky, owned and operated by Jason Apollo Hart, an experienced and dependable criminal defense attorney and personal injury lawyer. He has a passion for the fair representation of all Kentuckians and is a staunch defender of the people's legal rights.

Chelsea Fitzpatrick

Our newest member of Apollo Law is Ms. Chelsea Fitzpatrick. Chelsea was born on April 18, 1987 in Lexington, KY. She was raised in Frankfort, but graduated high school from Anderson County in 2005, and now is back and residing in downtown Frankfort. After high school, Chelsea attended Bluegrass Community and Technical College for relatively two years, focusing on accounting and computer programming.

Allisa Sowder

Allisa is native to central Kentucky. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with two degrees in Agriculture, in 2017. She is currently studying Education Policy and Law at Midway. Her focus is on agriculture literacy and advocacy and she has a true passion for working with the community and youth in external programs.