Traffic Violations Attorney

Apollo Law, PLLC is here to help, no matter the traffic violation. Being convicted of traffic offenses can add points to your driver’s license, which can lead to loss of driving privileges and increased insurance premiums. With the help of Jason Hart, an experienced Frankfort, Kentucky traffic attorney, you can often minimize the negative repercussions of these offenses. DPS surcharges, suspended licenses, high insurance premiums and arrest warrants can result from a ticket that isn’t resolved. Whether you were cited with a speeding ticket, failure to stop at a stop sign, reckless driving, or any other traffic offense, you need to be represented by a traffic attorney.¬†Apollo Law, PLLC represents individuals on traffic offenses in Franklin County and ¬†surrounding counties.¬†Contact Apollo Law, PLLC at (502) 395-3665 today for a free consultation.